FCm works with companies of all sizes across every industry sector. Our clients range from local businesses needing a one-on-one approach to multinational companies that require a consultancy team to handle their extensive portfolio. Our client testimonials demonstrate the strength of our client relationships while our client case studies show our solutions in action.

"Ms Yang and her crew have stepped in admirably and have shown that FCm can be relied on for global coverage that is not only geographical but also goes beyond mere travel." Hubert Mugliette, Human Resources Supervisor Songa Management Limited
"With global travel spend under control and smarter purchasing, we're in an excellent position. Well done to the FCm team for a great performance." Tom Daniels, Head of Global Procurement & Estates Lloyd's Register Group
"FCm partnered with my team to develop a global vision to ensure our business needs are met, while maintaining the goals of the T&E team. Through this process, we have developed a true partnership with FCm". Karen Allen, Global Travel Manager, Richardson Electronics (global provider of engineered solutions)
"We needed to find a supplier who understood and could support our global strategy. Our head of global marketing is based in the US and our head of technology is in the UK, therefore consistency across all these markets was extremely important to us when partnering with FCm Travel Solutions." Simon Kelly, Chief Financial Officer, Aristocrat Leisure Limited (leading global supplier of gaming solutions)
"FCm Travel Solutions demonstrated the strongest ability to tailor services to our business and our travel needs at a competitive price. Regardless of what our business needs in a particular country, FCm Travel Solutions adjusts their business model and services to make it happen for us." Mr Lapkee Hui, Sourcing Manager Hong Kong, Reuters (world's largest multimedia news agency)
"The FCm people who look after T-Mobile are highly focused on customer service and all experienced in their fields. They strike the right balance between saving us money and ensuring travellers' needs are met. We achieved what was thought to be an impossible target by partnering and working as a team with a common goal, without any detrimental effect on service. That's what set's FCm apart as an outstanding provider of services to T-Mobile." Richard Hampson, Head of General Procurement, T-Mobile (part of a world leader in mobile phone technology)
"FCm and [its event specialist team] CiEvents were among the very few marketing operations that could offer IBM a single contact source to design, manage and implement a channel incentive program and a fulfilment service that could be customised in each market. They have demonstrated outstanding flexibility and attention to our needs." Ryan Faithful, 'Know Your IBM' Global Deployment Manager, IBM Corporation (world's largest provider of IT services, hardware, and financing)
"FCm Travel Solutions is extremely flexible, customer focused and very experienced when it comes to introducing new solutions such as online. You do not usually find this in a TMC because of the cost implications. Most TMCs stick to one cost model, but FCm looks at different options to optimise a client's business travel process."  Arndt Bennighoven, BU Purchasing for Non IT and Travel Management, WestLB (one of Germany's leading financial services providers)
"The solutions FCm offered not only met all the travel requirements of our growing business, but we also felt FCm had a good fit with our culture, which was important to us as a company."  Susie Barrington, Financial Services Manager, Orion Health (a leading global provider of clinical workflow and integration technology)
"FCm provided us with a 'firework of measures', such as the continuous optimization of processes that we welcomed to be implemented. We have been very impressed by FCm's solutions and the benefits they have delivered, and we have found the FCm team to be incredibly flexible in meeting our unique needs." Global Travel Management, Elster Group, Germany (a world leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure)
"FCm was the only TMC prepared to meet our pre-condition in the UK and Ireland. We will increase our 'global' buying power and compliance to policy as a result of this change." Carsten Czub, Global Travel Manager, GEA Group UK (technology group with operating companies in 50 countries)
"I work with Sally and the team at FCm because they understand my business and they understand my requirements. I'm very impressed with their team approach. Sally is my right hand person – she does everything. Time is money. That's why I let her take care of the travel arrangements while I take care of my business." Grant Vinning, Founder, Asia Market Research (specialising in export market development for under-developed countries)